Live LIke Louise Workout progress

Hey guys!

So I have just signed up to the Live Like Louise fitness and nutrition programme, and I thought I would document my progress!

I have been struggling to lose weight since I've had Issy, mainly because I've been so damn lazy with my eating and exercising! 
After Issy was born I was optimistic that I would get back to my size 6 shape, however I didn't really want to put in any work. I always had excuses - I was too tired from looking after Issy all day, or I was breast feeding so couldn't be on any crazy diets as i needed to pack in the nutrients for the baby. When my maternity leave ended, my excuse was I was now tired from working all day and i didn't have time to exercise or cook anything healthy. But yet i would complain that I was getting bigger or I have had to go up a couple of sizes when I go shopping...

Recently, a girl on my Facebook posted a picture of herself 1 year postpartum, showing off her body she had worked hard at to get back into shape. I felt awful. I know that comparing myself to someone else can be toxic, however I just felt so guilty that I had done absolutely nothing to help myself! Here was a girl of the same age, who was of a similar shape to me pre-baby and was able to sort her life out and look after her body! So I have decided to do something about it - like really make an effort.

I've been seeing a lot of adverts of my Facebook and Instagram for Louise Thompson and her fiance, Ryan's (Made in Chelsea stars) fitness programme. They have developed a plan based on Louise's transformation from party girl to a well-toned and lean lady, using macro-diets and 45-min workouts. 
They claim you can still eat the foods you love while losing weight - one of the main selling points for me! After living off Starbucks and biscuits for 2 years, going cold turkey would prove difficult, so this seemed like a great idea for me to still have a bit of what i like, while ultimately learning to cut down on the junk. 

I've gone for the "Complete Package" which addresses the nutrition and fitness together!
Having read through the 12-week Workout Plan, I've noticed there are some elements that require access to a gym. I do not have a gym membership - I used to but literally was spending £60 a month or a plastic card i never used... So I will need to message them to ask about alternative home workouts, which are adjustments they are able to provide!

I am very optimistic that this will be a good for me, and am feeling pretty motivated to start - partly to do with the fact that I spent a good amount, so want to get my money's worth!

I'll try and post updates of how i am finding it and maybe some photos of my progress. Hopefully this can give some of you an insight into what the programme is like and if it is something for you too!



  1. Pleased to have you involved in the LLL community - look forward to helping you as much as possible over the coming weeks. Please use our private FB page to your advantage. Thanks Gem x

  2. Gem, would love to hear how you have got on with the programme

  3. Hi, do you have an update on how this is going? I would be interested to know whether its an overpriced celebrity product or something you genuinely found useful

    1. Hey Kate!
      thanks for your comment - I will be posting an update soon, however I will say that I don't think its just an over priced product! It is what you make of it - you have to work at it and follow the advice Ryan and Louise give you to actually get results. I think they are also doing a "pay what you think" for one of their programmes at the moment - have a look at their website/instagram!
      Many thanks
      Gem x