Free Haircut at Hob Salon

Hey Girlies!

Recently I went down to Hob Salon in Camden, London, where they have a training academy for qualified hairdressers to attend and perfect their skills.

Since I haven’t cut my hair properly in over 2 years (don’t be naughty kids, get your hair cut at least every couple of months!), I decided to book an appointment with the training academy to let them loose on my hair.


How awesome is my panoramic picture of Camden lock :)

The reason why I haven’t been to the hair dressers in so long is because I am terrified of them. Literally. I am always so afraid they are going to tell me my hair is so awfully unhealthy and they need to cut it short. This happened to me the last time I got my hair done properly and I just never went back! But finally I managed to pluck up the courage after coming to the conclusion that “HAIR GROWS” and made an appointment.

Am I crazy, I hear you ask! I know that letting so called “students” cut my hair may not have been wise, but being a student myself, and in need of a decent cut, this seemed like a reasonable option for two reasons.

11)    It’s free
22)   The “students” are monitored by senior hairdressers or art directors, so every snip is watched and checked over carefully by someone more senior.

In fact most of the “students” have been cutting hair for years, and just want to learn a new technique of cutting! (That’s why I quote marked students).

The girl cutting my hair had 6 years of hairdressing experience, so I felt a lot better when I found that out. Also after my hair consultation they said that my hair wasn’t in bad condition at all! The length was lovely and just needed some restyling. To use the words of the art director who gave me the consultation, my hair is “the definition of sex”… which is always great to hear I guess!

So about an inch was cut off and had my layers put back in. Overall I was really impressed with the quality of work, and the girl cutting my hair was so lovely! I just felt a bit sorry for her because she was so small and my hair was so long, so she couldn't reach the ends of my hair when she stretched it upwards to cut it! But we got there in the end! She also told me a really useful tip about conditioning your hair!

After you have shampooed your hair and go on to conditioning, it is best to squeeze out all of the water in your hair by wringing it out or perhaps giving it a quick squeeze with a dry towel. By doing this before you start conditioning, you are allowing the conditioner to really work itself into your hair, as the water in your hair acts as a barrier, which makes you use a lot more conditioner than you actually need! Great money saving, conditioner conserving tip there!

Now unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take any photos while I was getting my cut because there were so many other people in the room, and to ask all their permission may be time-consuming and one of them is likely to say no, which would be a total waste of effort asking everybody else in the room! So i've included a picture from Google of the training academy cutting room

I did however take before and after pictures on my IPhone. If you can see in the before pictures, my hair is super long and just has no shape to it. It’s almost all one length! 


In the after picture, my hair looks so much healthier and you can see the shorter layers at the front and my almost side fringe.



I am really happy with the results! Check out your local hairdressers, maybe they need hair models? I know Toni & Guy are always looking for hair models! If you have a few spare hours or really can’t afford a haircut, having a trainee do it for you is a pretty good experience! And if you quiz the person cutting your hair, you can get some cool tips on how to look after your hair!

Hoped you enjoyed reading this guys!
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Love and Light!

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  1. Hey! Loving the hair :) Im thinking of going there to get my hair done and just wondering if its entirely up to you how you want your hair cut. I really don't want some trainee trying to push a style I don't want :/

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for leaving a comment! :)
      You do get some say in how you want your hair, for example i expressed that i wanted to keep my hair fairly long and natural looking.
      However, as they are students, you need to allow them some choice too, as they have particular techniques which they want to practice. Luckily for me, the girl cutting my hair desperately wanted to practice layering longer hair and i was totally fine with it.
      As long as you speak to someone before hand and let them know what your limits are, there's no reason why they shouldn't listen to what you want! Isn't that what being a hairdresser is about anyway? Knowing what you customer wants and how to go about giving to them!
      I hope this helps!
      Gem xx