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So I don’t know if you have all read my previous post about the Miss Hertfordshire 2013 pageant. If you haven’t, click on the post from June 2013 and have a little read so you know what it’s all about.

But just to summarise: girls ages 17-24 can apply to their local heat rounds. If they are successful and make it to the finals, they compete in the pageant to progress to the next level – Miss England. Then should they win Miss England they will compete in the Miss World pageant. All pretty exciting stuff!

Miss Hertfordshire beauty pageant miss england
Justine looking very Kendall-esque!
Last year I met the loveliest girl, Justine Georgiou, and was so impressed by her efforts in charity work for Beauty with a Purpose and also her amazing dress making skills for the Eco round!

Justine is a 22 year old girl from Hertfordshire, working as a drama teacher for children, amongst other things! She also has started video blogging (or Vlogging) in hopes of pursuing a career in presenting. Justine is a very talented and beautiful young woman with features not unlike those of fashion icon, Kendall Jenner. Justine is ambitious and determined and has the potential to be successful in all she endeavors!

This year, Justine has entered Miss Hertfordshire again and has made it to the finals!

Having already completed her sponsored charity 17 mile walk and a 5K run, Justine is back with such determination to win the crown and I thought I’d interview her to ask her why!

Hey Justine, how are you and how’s the Miss Herts 2014 preparation going?

Hey Gemma! I'm very well! It's been okay! I think I'm nearly sorted!! It hasn't been as stressful this year!

eco dress diy fashion beauty pageant miss hertfordshire miss england
Show-girl inspired eco-dress 2013!

I know you have to raise money for beauty with a purpose, what does the charity do?

Yes that's correct! Beauty with a purpose funds for sick, disabled and disadvantage children! It's such an amazing charity! The Charity is very close to my heart!

I remember from last year there was an eco-dress round! Is that the same this year and if so what are your plans? 

Yes it’s exactly the same as last year! Well I have a few ideas up my sleeve! But I'm afraid I can't let too much out!

miss england evening gown beauty pageant
Justine's evening gown last year!

Any hints on your evening gown?

My dress is very different to last years! Let's just say it sparkles slightly more!

Beauty pageants have been viewed negatively in the press recently. What are your views?

It's slightly frustrating when you hear a lot of people knocking the pageants, before even knowing anything about them! I disagree strongly because being part of Miss Herts has given me the courage and hope, to pursue my dreams in life!

miss england beauty pageant
The current Miss herts (2nd from left),
The current Miss England(Centre),
Myself (2nd right) and Justine (last on right).
How have you grown from last year’s Miss Herts competition? What did you learn last year that you can apply to the competition this year?

Being part of Miss Herts last year made me see things in such a different way. I never really wanted to try anything new until Miss Herts! If it want for Sue Waite, for choosing me for the finals, I wouldn't have been where I am today. The pageant helped me believe in myself! No matter how tall or small ECT you are, you are beautiful! Knowing that I'm helping children is such an amazing feeling!

Why do you deserve to win Miss Hertfordshire 2014?

 I feel I deserve to win Miss Herts because I want to be a role model to other girls! Show them they do not need to be afraid! I am a friendly bubbly person who loves meeting new people! If I won the title, I would visit schools and share with them about the charity and exactly what the pageants are like. It would be a dream come true! I want to represent our country! This is my dream!

So there you have it! A wonderful down to earth girl on her journey in the Miss Hertfordshire 2014 pageant. If you would like to follow her charity work, or would like to donate to Beauty with a Purpose, please visit her Just Giving page!

Please show Justine your support, the money goes to a really good cause and every penny goes a long way!

If you would like more information on the Miss England beauty pageants, please visit one of the websites below.

Thanks for reading guys!

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Gem xx

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