Wedding Update

*Sips teas AHEM gin*

2020 - What a bitch am I right??

Remember when we are all like “oh fuck 2019, 2020 is my year... it’s ALL about 2020, bitches! Bring on 2020!” 


...2019 take me back, I’m so sorry, I didn't mean what I said... please take me back!?

As many of you may have guessed from Boris Johnson’s most recent lockdown announcement, my wedding is not going to be going ahead this year.

My partner and I have made the difficult decision to postpone our wedding buy not one but TWO bleeding years. *infuses gin with tears*

We weren’t certain whether or not we could still have our wedding this year until the beginning of October when Bojo restricted weddings to 15 people. We knew that wasn’t going to work for us. 

I mean, us plus the 5 piece band we’ve paid for , the photographer and two videographers already make 10... plus the venue staff - wasn’t going to work!

Some people I know went ahead and got married with these restrictions in place - but we had already paid most of our vendors, and it wouldn’t make sense to have all this money spent for just a few people to be present... not what we had paid for.

So... November 2022 here we come!

Why 2 years, I hear nobody cry - well, as is evident from my previous posts, I am a fucking basket case when it comes to stressing out, so a minimum of 2 years is necessary for me to recover from the trauma of 2020 and give the PM long enough to sort out his mess so I can walk down the aisle while I’m still barely in my prime!

Good news is that everything is already planned and mostly paid for... so I can be a stress free bride for the next two years, providing Miss Rona packs up and leaves us the fuck alone for long enough! 

Let’s just hope I don’t put on a tonne of lockdown weight and can still fit in my already veeeery tight dress!

In other news we are trying to buy a house - from one stressful life event to the next!

Bring on 2021!


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