My Favourite Parenting Bloggers and Instagrammer

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all surviving lockdown 2.0... nearly there now!

I am loving instagram right now and have been focusing a lot of energy into making more creative content. Its also so great seeing other parents content on Instagram and on the blogs. I love looking at different parenting styles and potentially learning new things i can use in my own family life!

I have compiled a little list of some of my favourite blogs and instagram accounts!

The Breaking Dad 

One of my favourite accounts I came across this year is Dan's Instagram
Dan is father to beautiful little Evie. His account started when he wanted to show the dad's view point when split parents make the decision to co-parent. More often than not we are shown the mothers perspective, and not the fathers, and it is so refreshing to see Dan with his daughter playing, doing activities and enjoying everyday life.
As well as documenting their beautiful father-daughter moments together on Instagram, Dan has a written blog (link above) where he writes honestly about the ups and downs of being a single parent, as well as fantastic parenting tips and ideas.

Insta handle: @the_breaking_dad

Follow him for the cutest pictures and honest insights into the life of a single parent!

Tessa Kelly

Insta handle: @londonpaleogirl

I began following Tessa long before she became a mamma for her delicious recipes and lifestyle tips. Recently she has focused her content more on parenthood, which is fabulous! I love how she has tailored her niche to include parents, particularly new mums!

Follow her for health and fitness tips, as well as gorgeous pics of her baby girl, Clara!

Ciara Attwell

Insta handle:@myfussyeater

If you ever struggle to get your little one to eat ANYTHING, give My Fussy Eater a go! I used to struggle so much to get Issy to eat anything other than sausages and plain pasta. Ciara's account popped up on Instagram, and o was instantly amazed by the tips and tricks she had to encourage your kids to try new foods.

Ciara has two children and started her blog in an attempt to get her very fussy daughter to eat better! She now has a cookbook (which I highly recommend by the way!) and also an app! Her Smokey Meatball Pasta Bake is a hit in our house as well as her Chicken and Chorizo Paella.


Here are a few instagammers and influencers I love to see on my feed! They make me smile everyday and i really enjoy seeing their content!

Michelle Nhu

If you are you ever looking for mother daughter goals LOOK NO FURTHER! Omg, when i mean goals, i mean GOALS. Michelle and her two daughters are the most gorgeous creatures ever, I LOVE seeing their posts! Their matching outfits are so cute and instantly boost my mood! a very beautifully curated feed, highly recommend following!

Val Paradiso @happyhomewithval

A lifestyle and DIY queen - Val posts loads beautiful pictures of her home and ehr creations. She shares tutorials, as well as a few recipes too. Im loving her Christmas content at the moment! Check it out if you need some inspiration for the Christmas festive period!

Jessica Wetherall-Buckle

A newer follow for me, but a firm favourite already!
Jessica posts AMAZING ideas for creative play for your little ones. Her set ups are super cute and so beautifully thought out. Her feed is perfect and so pleasing to look at, I look forward to her posts!

Rebecca Wilson @whatmummymakes

Another mummy chef! Rebecca's concept of cooking once for you and your children is brilliant, and to be honest perfect for busy parents who cant be dealing with cooking separately for their children.

Rebecca also has a cookbook out, which I've not yet tried, but by the looks of her Instagram, it is definitely something i am considering purchasing!

I hope your found this little guide helpful! Instagram can be a bit saturated full of accounts, it can be a little hard to filter through them all to find the ones who will post valuable content!

If you're interested in my Instagram, I post about BTS of parenthood (Insta vs reality for example), as well as a few lifestyle topics (PCOS, anxiety etc) and Fashion/beauty!
I hate that because I'm "a mummy now" I ham expected to look a certain way or post on Instagram a certain way (mum bun, plain, unthought through images of my kids with no meaning behind them etc...) 

Through my content I am trying to show that i can still be the glam person i was before kids, interested in skincare and fashion etc and still have something valuable to say about parenting! I am definitely not "that mum" who focuses her energy entirely on being a parent and forgets about who she is (hence my handle "Lazymumclub"), but i am still a mother and have experiences that i can share with you all that hopefully can be helpful to some of you!

So if you're interested , please do give me a follow @lazymumclub

lots of love :)


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